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Ambrose Armory is a different kind of gun store
No More paying outrageous markups only to get bad customer service
No more worrying if some salesman is going to think your question is stupid - I treat all of my customers the same, beginner or expert
Unbelievable customer service - I had a customer email me for a quote at 11:30pm and he was surprised to get a reply from me in 5 minutes
I work hard to make my customers happy.  I will do everything I can to make your experience the best
I keep my prices extremely low by keeping my overhead down. My goal is to make owning and buying firearms as cheap as possible. Call me and see what price I can quote you.

I am now carrying inventory.  Although it's almost all gone, I am getting HUGE shipments from Ruger, Glock and Springfield Armory.  Check out my inventory tab to see what's coming in.
If you want to reserve something, send me an email then stop in the shop and leave a 15% deposit.  First come, first serve
Please call:  1-760-517-6GUN (6486) or email me.
Brian Ambrose
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