shield-largeAmbrose Armory appreciates each customer and values you as family. We have created a member program offering our members a loyalty rewards program. Membership is an easy, free registration.

We also invite our Ambrose community members to join us each month for complimentary workshops where you can learn from and connect with firearms experts, vendors, visionaries and earn discounts just by coming! Ambrose workshops give all members whether novice or professional and expert the chance to learn about firearms, gunsmithing, proper care, safety tips, etc…


In appreciation to our loyal customer base, we have created a customer rewards and referral program.

Rewards card:

For every $250 spent, a square is punched. When all 5 squares are punched, you will earn a $50 Ambrose gift certificate which you can use yourself for a future purchase or give as a gift.

Referral program:

Referring a NEW customer to the store has benefits for you! If they make a purchase of $500 or more and mention your name, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate or voucher for you to use the next time you visit Ambrose!