Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned collector looking for the perfect addition, is it best to build or buy your next AR?  

If you decide to buy, it’s generally fairly quick and easy to get started.  Today’s experts have built such a complete selection of AR’s, you will likely find something that meets all of your requirements without too much hassle.  With a bit of research and advice, an expert can guide you through your thoughts, questions and needs to find the AR best suited for you.    Although someone else may have the exact same gun as you, you won’t have to worry about the the separate pieces fitting together just right.  You can be sure the AR has been tested and tried which will put your mind at ease about making a potential costly mistake.  On the flip side, if you want to add or subtract any element after you’ve purchased the rifle, it can be pricey and complex.  

If you decide to build your next AR, you’re in for a treat, but be patient.  Building can be a long process, to get all parts hand selected and working together safely and cohesively.  It can give you great experience to how a rifle really works, as you and your gunsmith put it together piece by piece.  By building your custom AR you will surely have a unique final product, but be prepared to spend the money, especially if you intend to build it on your own.  Special tools, parts and setup can be a significant cost factor.  Be sure to take into consideration the potential risks of building your own AR, as an incorrect assembly could result in catastrophic failure.  

To buy or to build; there is no ‘right’ answer; it’s all about the preference of the owner.  Whether you decide to buy or build your next AR, always keep safety first.  

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